The IT industry has swiftly and unarguably turned out to become the core of human civilization and global development. If the World can be described as a global village today, it is as a result of the continual and dynamic innovations achieved by the IT industry globally. 

Sierra Leone happens to be one country that is yet to fully comprehend and embrace the facts stated above. Regardless, the Nation has recorded scanty ground breaking milestones in the area of IT and with a few competent firms that have taken the challenge to transform the atmosphere and inject this progressive virus towards a greater Nation, we can say the future of this great Nation is surely bright.

EAE-SL has therefore taken upon itself the task as the pioneering organization driven by the vision to transform Sierra Leone using IT. The potency and usefulness of social media in achieving this cannot be overemphasized. Hence, EAE-SL which is recognized as the hub of progressive innovations will experience exponential growth and achieve optimum efficiency with vigorous and well-rounded innovative campaigns on social media.

One of these campaigns is the INNOVATION CHALLENGE which is designed to encourage innovators and potential innovators into utilizing the platforms created to ensure absolute productivity and economic growth. 


The INNOVATION CHALLENGE will be driven via EAE-SL social media platforms which in turn can be used in promoting ideas, projects and products of the company. The challenge is basically a serial (probably once a year) but one (1) month long campaign that invites all Sierra Leonean innovators to;

Create, design or invent innate expressions that are progressive and marketable.

Follow and like all EAE-SL social media handles.

Send in pictures, short videos or written concepts on either the EAE-SL Instagram or Facebook platforms with an hashtag (#InnovationSalone) of their innovations (N/B: Not restricted to IT innovations).

Each sensible and exceptional innovation will be published and promoted on all EAE-SL platforms.

Each shortlisted innovator gets the opportunity for profiling on all possible media platforms both nationally and internationally and also show case their idea at the EAE- SL Award Night, to ensure access to funding and implementation opportunities.

Each shortlisted innovator gets the opportunity to be mentored and branded by EAE-SL

An Innovator’s exhibition and fare could be planned and organized each year where local and international innovators (especially local innovators) will be celebrated and can showcase their innovations. It could be an exhibition that also creates a platform for investors, government parastatals and financiers to have access to their preferred interests. 

Each shortlisted innovator from the challenge gets the opportunity to showcase their innovations at the exhibition and fare.